Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising

          As u probably know Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising is out on market and all i can say its that is a nice game, im a C&C fan myself and i played C&C games, tho red alert 3 disapointed in some cases its still a nice game to play. I think biggest issue is the lack of some options, like: superweapons on/off and so on, like red alert 2 had. Those options made red alert 2 so playable for years and years and thats a big reason why red alert 3 failed so much. I dont see any reason they did this, they are loosing more then us... oh well.. here is my first campaign played with the soviets and named: The ARMY of the FUTURE in wich u have to lead the new soviet resistance forces and their latest improvised weapons in the battle to root out the terrible danger growing in the heart of the Motherland. (to open the images in full lenght just right click on image and open with opera , other browsers should have same, full lenght is: 1980x1080)

1st Campaign: The ARMY of the FUTURE

     Ok so in this campaign u have 4 missions, yeah i know its not that much but at least u have 4 campaigns, also the pics are taken in hard mode wich was quite hard to finish them. A funny thing is that the 1st mission is in Romania my home country lol. :)

Mission 1: Romania - "Raid on Lost Castle"

This first mission wasnt easy, those cannons made it so hard untill i manage to think a solution, 1tezla trooper and 1desolater is all u need, with tezla trooper u use ability and disable cannon and with desolater u atack cannon, going with a big army is suicide because the troops behind always die from the cannons attack. I managed it so save all 3 scientists. Below are my stats:

Mission 2: Murmansk - "Schemes of the Intruders"

The 2nd mission objective was to spy on enemy base infiltrated in Motherland and after u had to establish a base and wipe the enemy from this land. It took quite a while because at first wasnt easy to defend myself but after some time... hehe as u see i had some fun :D Below are my stats:

Mission 3:Yucatan - "A Much Brighter Future"

3rd mission was kinda annoying at start, very limited amount of troops, u have to clear the small islands of enemies and then to destroy the primary threat. Below are my stats:

Mission 4: Sigma Island - "As Time Stood Still"

The final mission was to destroy enemy main base, a research facility wich developed the power to stop time but unlucky for them for a limited amount of time, wich was np for me, as u see i created a big army and had fun with the enemy, it was pretty easy mission even tho i was on hard mode, and yes i love kirovs :P Below are my stats:

2nd Campaign:Tough Reform

     In the 2nd campaign u play with allies trying to subdue the rebellious warlords of the Empire of the Rising Sun to bring about a lasting peace in the leaderless and war-torn nation that once stood against the world.

Mission 1: Shin Iga Province - "End of Tradition"

In the first mission of this campaign u have to capture and freeze warlord Shinzo, its vital u dont kill him or u will fail the mission. Below are my stats:

Mission 2: Osaka - "A House Unfit for Rebels"

This mission is a bit tricky, its divided in many parts, but a good defense as u can see (left click - open image for full size image: 1920x1080) a good defense is all u need to stand a chance. After u manage to defeat his base u will have to freeze Kenji to capture him, if u kill him the mission will fail and on ur way u will encounter alot of soldiers, good thing u got tanya *wink* . Below are my stats:

Mission 3: Miyako- "The True Shogun's Stand"

Weird enough this is the last mission when u hear about Tatsu's betrayal, well i was pissed off but i knew from mission 1 he cant be trusted, so even with his betrayal i squashed him like a bug even with his giga fortreses!! Secret to bring those down is to have ALOT of javelin soldiers and put them on Laser Guide Mode, they will bring down those gigas like fly's. Below are my stats:

3rd Campaign: Wounded Wolf

     In this campaign u play as Empire of the Rising Sun and ur main goal is to rally the patriotic defense forces of the fallen Empire against its opportunistic enemies for the sake of ur homeland, ur honor, and the late Empreror's legacy.

Mission 1: Sakhalin Island - "Greed of the Vanquished"

First mission is pretty easy, u have to eliminate ur enemy, but play with caution because of the enemies grinders. Below are my stats:

Mission 2: Oki Island - "Before the Hallowed Tomb"

The 2nd mission is quite interesting, u have to defend ur emperors tomb, to do so u have to steal 4 Pacifier FAV and put them in strategic locations, after defending, 2 enemy bases will come to deploy, if u rush with the canons at near enemy locations u will be for a surprise :D just look at my stats especially time. Below are my stats:

Mission 3: Vladivostok- "Blood in the Water"

The last mission on Empire is FUN! Why? because u will have 3 giga fortreses to kill the enemies, and when they become veteran unit they PWN alot!! Altho they are not invincible, so use them wisely and u will defeat the enemies, also be carrefull on the right down corner in some time the allies will come to attack u, just bring some army there and leave it there, when they will spawn they will have a big surprise hehehhehehe. Below are my stats:

4th Campaign: The TALE of YURIKO

     The last campaign is quite unique, it feels like u play a little rpg, why? well because u play with Yuriko and u will guide the Empire's vengeful psionic commando through the pieced-together chronicles of her troubled, blood-stained past. U will gather abilities and then increase her powers, its pretty fun but annoing untill u get used to her. U will have 3 main missions, but u will have to save alot if u play on hard mode. Here are some pictures taken from my mission with her:

So that's it folks, 4 campaigns, i hope u did enjoyed the tips and my review on Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising played on hard mode. Soon a video of some scenes in-game during my missions. The game have also commanders challenge but still the lack of random map generator and some options like superweapons of/off makes the game not playable for a long time. (i know it has world builder, but maybe we dont want to spend hours to create a nice map, maybe we wanted in seconds like random map generator did) PEACE!!

My rate for this game: 8/10

signed: VYP3R

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello and Welcome

First of all i just started this blog so have patience with me, subjects will be about pc games especially and a gamers life, i would recommend from the start to not swear arround, or insult others by any means!! I dont know english 100% well because its not my native language therefore no useless mocking around. I only write english so we could all understand each other here. In the next few days i will start some serious posting and im looking forward for ur opinions. I will do some reviews over some games, add some in-game screenshots and my personal opinion about the games im playing. So plz treat my opinion as my personal one, its not to offend any gamer or the corporations that produces this games. To open the images in their original resolution just right click and open image if u are using opera, same with the other browsers. I hope u will enjoy my reviews and share ur opinion with me. 

Happy Blogging :D

signed: VYP3R