Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello and Welcome

First of all i just started this blog so have patience with me, subjects will be about pc games especially and a gamers life, i would recommend from the start to not swear arround, or insult others by any means!! I dont know english 100% well because its not my native language therefore no useless mocking around. I only write english so we could all understand each other here. In the next few days i will start some serious posting and im looking forward for ur opinions. I will do some reviews over some games, add some in-game screenshots and my personal opinion about the games im playing. So plz treat my opinion as my personal one, its not to offend any gamer or the corporations that produces this games. To open the images in their original resolution just right click and open image if u are using opera, same with the other browsers. I hope u will enjoy my reviews and share ur opinion with me. 

Happy Blogging :D

signed: VYP3R

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